Enteroporc Coli AC

Delivers the broadest protection of piglets against Neonatal Diarrhoea from the first day of life

Available in :

  • 25 Doses

Product information

Enteroporc Coli AC is the innovative solution of Ceva vaccines against E.coli and C.perfringens.. The central EMA registration approval of Enteroporc Coli AC is expected in summer 2020. The introduction in the EU market is planned in 2021. This product includes 7 antigens, a lyophilized and a soluble component.  E.coli and C.perfringens Type A and C are the main responsible pathogens for the multifactorial neonatal diarrhoea (ND) in pigs. Spread worldwide, ND is considered the main contributor in the early stages of pig production for pre-weaning mortality and piglets weaned below the target weight, particularly in the context of hyperprolific breeds and increasing number of piglets per litter. Enteroporc Coli AC will be registered in all the swine countries worldwide except US.

Why choose Enteroporc Coli AC?

Increase of productivity

Very well tolerated by sows and gilts

Unique diagnostic support

The Science behind

The control of the Clostridium perfringens type A associated diarrhea in suckling piglets by vaccination

D. Sperling, J. Vanhara, T. Jirasek, N. Guerra

The-control-of-the-C (1.44 MB)Download

Evaluation of the efficacy of a Clostridium perfringens type A/C toxoid vaccine for pigs under laboratory and field conditions

Sven Springer, Regine Fricke, Olaf Bastert, Jacqueline Finzel, Thomas Lindner, Tobias Theuß, Volker Florian and Daniel Sperling

Evaluation-of-the-ef (385.64 KB)Download

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