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Measuring How Recombination Re-shapes the Evolutionary History of PRRSV-2: A Genome-Based Phylodynamic Analysis of the Emergence of a Novel PRRSV-2 Variant

Nakarin Pamornchainavakul, Mariana Kikuti, Igor A. D. Paploski, Dennis N. Makau, Albert Rovira, Cesar A. Corzo and Kimberly VanderWaal

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The use of a whole inactivated PRRS virus vaccine administered in sows and impact on maternally derived immunity and timing of PRRS virus infection in piglets

Gerard Eduard Martín-Valls, Preben Mortensen, Hepzibar Clilvert, Yanli Li, Martí Cortey, Melanie Sno, Timea Barna, Marisa Terré, Nicolas Guerra, Enric Mateu

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Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus genetic variability a management and diagnostic dilemma

Jessica Risser, Matthew Ackerman, Robert Evelsizer, Stephen Wu, Byungjoon Kwon and James Mark Hammer

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Comparison of different vaccination schedules for sustaining the immune response against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus

I. Díaz, M. Gimeno, A. Callén, J. Pujols, S. López, C. Charreyre, F. Joisel, E. Mateu

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