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Auphyl Plus

Long lasting and homogenous protection induced to improve economical performances


Offers the unique opportunity to control and prevent the PCVD in all categories of pigs.


Designed to achieve the highest standard of safety and protection


Provides “a serotype independent long lasting protection with absolute safety”

Ecoporc Shiga

The first, innovative and leading piglet vaccine which induces neutralising antibodies against Shigatoxin, the cause of Edema Disease.

Enteroporc Coli AC

Delivers the broadest protection of piglets against Neonatal Diarrhoea from the first day of life


Hyogen® Superior Enzootic Pneumonia Protection provides active immunization of healthy pigs against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae.


The most efficacious vaccine to protect against reproductive failures & Erysipelas caused by PPV & Ery with exclusive, proven efficacy…


The best and safest way to control to PRRSv in a breeding unit thanks to the Prime Boost Concept.

Respiporc Flu range

Respiporc Flu 3 and Respiporc Flu Pan H1N1, the registered range of Influenza vaccines, which delivers the broadest protection against…