Control of health status of the farm to fight against important diseases as PRRSv or PCV2 by grouping the animals per batches/ages/and homogenous immunological status.

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  • 1080 ml

Product information

Altresyn® is a hormonal product for swine with a high-tech component. Therefore, to understand its uses and benefits, it is important to have basic knowledge about reproductive physiology and farm management. In the same line, it is necessary to know the economic impact that a pig production flow have on the economic viability of farms, and how the use of Altresyn®, along with other measures, can help improving the farm operation’s profits. It should be remembered that a proper farm reproduction management and well thought planning directly affects a farm’s productivity; they affect the feed consumption/sow and gilts/year, the number of farrowings/sow/year and, therefore, the number of piglets born/sow/year and piglets weaned/sow/year.

Why choose Altresyn®?

Advanced Technical Services on Reproduction

Improvement of Production Flow on Farm

High efficacy on heat synchronization

The Science behind

The control of the Clostridium perfringens type A associated diarrhea in suckling piglets by vaccination

D. Sperling, J. Vanhara, T. Jirasek, N. Guerra

The-control-of-the-C (1.44 MB)Download

Evaluation of the efficacy of a Clostridium perfringens type A/C toxoid vaccine for pigs under laboratory and field conditions

Sven Springer, Regine Fricke, Olaf Bastert, Jacqueline Finzel, Thomas Lindner, Tobias Theuß, Volker Florian and Daniel Sperling

Evaluation-of-the-ef (385.64 KB)Download

Shiga Toxin, Stx2e, Influences the Activity of Porcine Lymphocytes In Vitro

Daniel Sperling, Hana Stepanova, Han Smits, Anne-Kathrin Diesing and Martin Faldyna

Shiga-Toxin-Stx2e-In (1.61 MB)Download

Influence of host factors on the secretion of STX2E by shigatoxin – producing Escherichia Coli (STEC) field strains from swine

Sander Van hoorde, Bert Devriendt, Daniel Sperling, H. Xiaohua, Eric Cox

Influence-of-host-fa (1.38 MB)Download

Effect of the vaccination against Shiga toxin 2e in a farm with history of oedema disease, caused by atypical Escherichia coli producing Shiga toxin (STEC)

Daniel Sperling, Naomi Isaka, Hamadi Karembe, Jonas Vanhara, Josef Vinduska, Nicol Strakova, Alzbeta Kalova, Ivana Kolackova, Renata Karpiskova

Effect-of-the-vaccin (319.87 KB)Download

Comparative analysis of STX2E secretion in shiga toxin – producing Escherichia Coli (STEC) field strains from swine

Sander Van hoorde, Bert Devriendt, Daniel Sperling, Eric Cox

Comparative-analysis (1.82 MB)Download

Post-antibiotic effect of marbofloxacin, enrofloxacin and amoxicillin against selected respiratory pathogens of pigs

Katerina Nedbalcova, Monika Zouharova, Daniel Sperling

Post-antibiotic-effe (191.93 KB)Download

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