Offers the unique opportunity to control and prevent the PCVD in all categories of pigs.

Available in :

  • 10 ml
  • 50 ml

Product information

PCV2 remains widespread in all pig farms all over the world. In the majority of the farms the disease affects grower-finisher pigs within the range of age about 12-18 weeks. In some farms, reproductive disorders in sows may be observed especially due to the infection of naïve gilts. The vertical transmission from sows to piglets can result in very early infections of their offspring with the consequent clinical problems and losses in piglets. All in all the categories which are at risk the most are gilts and early-to-mid finishing pigs.

Why choose Circovac®?

Unique formulation: whole virus and a potent adjuvant that allows decreased mortality, improved growth, decreased FCR, better homogeneity at slaughter, reduction of antibiotics use.

Wide indication: piglets/gilts and sows: even in case of piglets early infections due to heterogeneity of breeders immune status and covering the whole finishing period.

The Science behind

Maternally Derived Antibody Levels Influence on Vaccine Protection against PCV2d Challenge

István Kiss, Krisztina Szigeti, Zalán G. Homonnay, Vivien Tamás, Han Smits and Roman Krejci

Maternally-Derived-A (2.32 MB)Download

Efficacy of different combined or simultaneously administered vaccines against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infection

I. Kiss, Edit Kovács, Balázs Felföldi, Mihály Albert, Han Smits, Roman Krejci

Efficacy-of-differen (523.37 KB)Download

Comparison of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and porcine circovirus 2 commercial vaccines efficacy when applied separate or combined under experimental conditions

M. Sibila, G. Guevara, R. Cuadrado, P. Pleguezuelos, D. Pérez, A. Pérez de Rozas, E. Huerta, A. Llorens, O. Valero, M. Pérez, C. López, R. Krejci and J. Segalés

Comparison-of-Mycopl (1.08 MB)Download

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