Providesa serotype independent long lasting protection with absolute safety 

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  • 100 ml

Product information

The awareness on, and prevalence of, Actinobacilluspleuropneumoniae (Ap) induced pleuropneumonia is increasing worldwide due to the reduction of antimicrobials use. Farms do not usually know which and how many serotypes are endemic to their farm or to replacement stock. On a continuous basis Ceva publishes successful Coglapix® challenge trials against new Ap serotypes and at the same time significant superiority towards major competitors. The same is encouraged at farm level as field trials for the dual purpose in supporting sales and supporting with local field data particularly on lung lesions scoring, antimicrobials use and ROI. A second focus is to increase awareness on not only the death losses due to per-acute and acute, but also the sub-acute manifestations.

Why choose Coglapix®?

Offers a broad protection against all known important serotypes

No side effects such as fever and vomiting are observed

Long lasting Ap protection to the end of any finishing

The Science behind

Comparison of Protectivity and Safety of Two Vaccines against Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae in a Field Study

Peter Hölzen, Tobias Warnck, Steffen Hoy, Kathleen Schlegel, Isabel Hennig-Pauka and Horst Gaumann

Comparison-of-Protec (458.90 KB)Download

Evaluation of the efficacy of a vaccine against A.pleuropneumoniae: Clinical outcome, mortality and pleuritis lesions at slaughterhouse

E. Catelli, A. Catella, E. Canelli, A. Luppi, A. Caleffi, E. Arioli, P. Borghetti, P. Martelli

Evaluation-of-the-ef (102.08 KB)Download

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