Ecoporc Shiga

The first, innovative and leading piglet vaccine which induces neutralising antibodies against Shigatoxin, the cause of Edema Disease.

Available in :

  • 100 ml

Product information

The introduction of Ecoporc SHIGA in Europe in 2013 has been a revolution and an innovation in approaching Edema Disease (ED). Latest results from a prevalence study in Germany show a Shigatoxin producing E.coli (EDEC) farm prevalence of 24%. Vaccination rates in some EU countries between 10% and 30% of the piglet population support these findings. The geographical extension is progressing with licenses in Canada and the Ukraine, soon in Japan and in all the swine Asian and Latin American countries. Ecoporc Shiga has a huge potential in all the swine countries!

Why choose Ecoporc Shiga?

Increase of productivity

Economically sustainable

AMR reduction and environmental requirements can be met

The Science behind

Shiga Toxin, Stx2e, Influences the Activity of Porcine Lymphocytes In Vitro

Daniel Sperling, Hana Stepanova, Han Smits, Anne-Kathrin Diesing and Martin Faldyna

Shiga-Toxin-Stx2e-In (1.61 MB)Download

Influence of host factors on the secretion of STX2E by shigatoxin – producing Escherichia Coli (STEC) field strains from swine

Sander Van hoorde, Bert Devriendt, Daniel Sperling, H. Xiaohua, Eric Cox

Influence-of-host-fa (1.38 MB)Download

Effect of the vaccination against Shiga toxin 2e in a farm with history of oedema disease, caused by atypical Escherichia coli producing Shiga toxin (STEC)

Daniel Sperling, Naomi Isaka, Hamadi Karembe, Jonas Vanhara, Josef Vinduska, Nicol Strakova, Alzbeta Kalova, Ivana Kolackova, Renata Karpiskova

Effect-of-the-vaccin (319.87 KB)Download

Comparative analysis of STX2E secretion in shiga toxin – producing Escherichia Coli (STEC) field strains from swine

Sander Van hoorde, Bert Devriendt, Daniel Sperling, Eric Cox

Comparative-analysis (1.82 MB)Download

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