Vetrimoxin LA®

Vetrimoxin®LA, the reliable preferred partner as first line antibiotic molecule for your farrowing and nursery unit, to prevent and treat important pathologies which can affect your farm profits.

Available in :

  • 100 ml
  • 250 ml

Product information

Vetrimoxin LA is a reference in both, our company CEVA and the animal health sector. For many years, thanks to the outstanding work of our colleagues involved in the launching and development of the product (R&D, Regulatory, Production, Marketing and Sales) Vetrimoxin LA has become the leading product in the market for injectable amoxicillins in the entire world.


In the present situation, where the increased incidence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is considered a potential risk to human health, measures are being taken from various organizations and institutions, such as the CVMP in EU or the FDA in the US, to regulate and promote the rational use of antibiotics and to recommend the use of “classical molecules” as a first line treatment. In this context, Vetrimoxin®LA wants to consolidate its leadership as the first choice treatment in sows and piglets at birth and lactation as well as convenience treatment for cows and calves in the cattle market.

Why choose Vetrimoxin LA®?

Long acting duration, high efficacy

and safety

Innovative CLAS bottle

High syringeability and suspendability

The Science behind

Post-antibiotic effect of marbofloxacin, enrofloxacin and amoxicillin against selected respiratory pathogens of pigs

Katerina Nedbalcova, Monika Zouharova, Daniel Sperling

Post-antibiotic-effe (191.93 KB)Download

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