In one single injection, Forceris™ prevents iron deficiency anaemia and coccidiosis.

Available in :

  • 100 ml
  • 250 ml

Product information

Forceris® is an injectable combination of iron based on gleptoferron and toltrazuril formulation, and includes a high-tech component which represents an exclusive product for swine production. To understand its uses and benefits, though, it is important to have some basic knowledge about the physiology of piglets at the early stages of life as well as the epidemiology of coccidiosis in swine. Along the same lines, it is necessary to know the economic impact of iron deficiency and swine coccidiosis on the economic viability of farms, and how the prevention of this metabolic deficiency and the incidence of the disease with Forceris®, the EXCLUSIVE injectable combination of iron and toltrazuril formulation on the market, enables the production of healthy piglets at the farrowing unit.

Why choose Forceris™?

Most effective and labor saving solution to control coccidiosis and avoid iron deficiency in one shot application

Easier Management, labor saving

The Science behind

Comparison of the pharmacokinetics and efficacy of two different iron supplementation products in suckling piglets

Joaquin Morales, Alberto Manso, Tomás Martín-Jiménez, Hamadi Karembe, Daniel Sperling

Comparison-of-the-ph (713.94 KB)Download

Comparison of an injectable toltrazurilgleptoferron (Forceris®) and an oral toltrazuril (Baycox®) + injectable iron dextran for the control of experimentally induced piglet cystoisosporosis

Anja Joachim, Aruna Shrestha, Barbara Freudenschuss, Nicola Palmieri, Barbara Hinney, Hamadi Karembe and Daniel Sperling

Comparison-of-an-inj (910.08 KB)Download

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