The most efficacious vaccine to protect against reproductive failures & Erysipelas caused by PPV & Ery with exclusive, proven efficacy and maximum safety in its application.

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  • 50 ml

Product information

PPV is considered ubiquitous in swine farms worldwide. It causes severe reproductive loses: still born, mummified, embryonic death and infertility (SMEDI) and/or weak new born piglets when insufficiently protected gilts and sows are infected between mating and farrowing. Infected animals outside the uterus is not clinically infected, but boars can shed infective PPV in the semen. High variability in virulence of PPV strains is demonstrated. These can be considered into two major genotype, 1 and 2. The strains of Genotype 2, also termed PPV-27a cluster are the most highly virulent and at the same time the hardest to induce protective immunity against. The virus is very resistant and survives for several months in the environment, why eradication is out of the question. An optimally protective PPV vaccine in an optimal vaccination schedule is the only viable solution to any swine farm on PPV induced reproductive failure. Parvoruvax can provide that against any relevant field strain of PPV. 

Why choose Parvoruvax?

K22 strain, (wild and very virulent and immunogenic strain) protects against all relevant serotypes in the field including the PPV 27a strain 

Protection against Ery serotype 1a, 1b & 2 (fast and strong induction of antiSpaA antibodies) 

Possibility to vaccinate before farrowing 

The Science behind

Cases of reproductive failure in sows characterised by an increase in still born and mummified foetuses in danish swine herds

L. Pedersen, C. Glenting, M.A. Larsen, P. Mortensen.

Cases-of-reproductiv (661.81 KB)Download

Case of reproductive failure in gilts Characterized by delayed delivery and Mummification of foetuses

V. Cvjetković, M. Höcher, S. Revilla-Fernández, I. Kiss, P. Mortensen

Case-of-reproductive (278.63 KB)Download

Vaccine Protection Against Experimental Challenge Infection with a PPV-27a Genotype Virus in Pregnant Gilts

István Kiss, Edit Kovács, Zoltán Zádori, István Mészáros, Attila Cságola, Pál Bajnóczi, Preben Mortensen, Vilmos Palya

Vaccine-Protection-A (1.80 MB)Download

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