Respiporc Flu range

Respiporc Flu 3 and Respiporc Flu Pan H1N1, the registered range of Influenza vaccines, which delivers the broadest protection against Swine Influenza A Virus (swIAV).

Available in :

  • 25 Doses
  • 50 Doses

Product information

Active immunisation of pigs from the age of 56 days onwards including pregnant sows against swine influenza caused by subtypes H1N1, H3N2 and H1N2 to reduce clinical signs and viral lung load after infection.

Onset of immunity: 7 days after primary vaccination.

Duration of immunity: 4 months in pigs vaccinated between the age of 56 and 96 days and 6 months in pigs vaccinated for the first time at 96 days and above.

Active immunisation of pregnant sows after finished primary immunisation by administration of a single dose 14 days prior to farrowing to develop high colostral immunity which provides clinical protection of piglets for at least 33 days after birth.

Why choose Respiporc Flu range?

No worries, broadest protection by bundled power 

Positive return on investment by improved reproduction parameters 

Unique diagnostic support

The Science behind

The control of the Clostridium perfringens type A associated diarrhea in suckling piglets by vaccination

D. Sperling, J. Vanhara, T. Jirasek, N. Guerra

The-control-of-the-C (1.44 MB)Download

Evaluation of the efficacy of a Clostridium perfringens type A/C toxoid vaccine for pigs under laboratory and field conditions

Sven Springer, Regine Fricke, Olaf Bastert, Jacqueline Finzel, Thomas Lindner, Tobias Theuß, Volker Florian and Daniel Sperling

Evaluation-of-the-ef (385.64 KB)Download

Safety profile of the newly registered swine influenza vaccine Respiporc® FLUpan H1N1

Stefan Pesch, Vicky Fachinger

Efficacy of Respiporc® FLUpan H1N1 under field conditions

Stefan Pesch, Vicky Fachinger

Development of a monovalent pig vaccine based on a human pandemic H1N1 (2009) strain

Stefan Pesch , Vicky Fachinger

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